The Infinite Spider-Man Index

The Infinite Spider-Man is a series of mini-essays exploring Marvel’s options for the future of their most popular character.

Fair warning: as the character’s romantic life figures into many of these determinations, I spent an absurd amount of time dealing with the issue of whether Spidey should be married. Ideally, you’ll find that this leads to a consideration on other elements of writing and plotting modern superhero comic books.

This is currently a work in progress. Consider it the beta version with some impending much needed edits. If you notice many mistakes, bad links, typos, etc, let me know.

The Introduction

The Spider-Marriage

dancing mj


One More Day

dancing gwen

The Commitment to Change


Other Franchises


Fan Expectations and Morals

Unresolved Questions and Other Complaints

The Illusion of Change


The Other Decisions

There were a few other decisions for the people in charge of the Spider-Man comics.

Superior Variant

The Villains

Superior A

Superior Spider-Man

This index will be updated regularly, as new entries are added.

It’s a revised and updated version of a series of essays posted at

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