Ranking DC’s New 52


I ranked the New 52 titles from worst to best, based on the first five issues.

Here is the Master List, with links to the write-ups.

In other slightly related pieces, I pondered what it meant for a work of art to be average. And I compared the new 52 launch to Ultimate Marvel.

As a Marvel zombie reading a shitload of DC comics, I also decided to look at the differences between the two publishers/ shared universes in an ongoing series. Although that’s another category.

2 Responses to Ranking DC’s New 52

  1. Wolvie fan says:

    As Marvel fan looking to get into DC comics, this is a great article. Thanks a lot man 🙂

  2. Xstro says:

    As unpopular as this would be among most readers, I would switch Batman & Robin and Suicide Squad. Batman & Robin New 52 was pretty meh throughout. Suicide Squad was actually one of the more underrated titles in the New 52. It basically re-defined and revitalized the backstory and outlook of this DC team, and had some great issues such as Kicked in the Teeth and Discipline and Punish. It was one of my favorite New 52 titles, alongside Batman, Aquaman, Justice League, Batgirl and Wonder Woman.
    Naturally, Batman ranks best. That was an example of DC selecting the right writer and illustrator with the right vision. The problem with New 52 was lack of consistency. I think it came from releasing so many titles at once. They should have maintained some consistent standards for a few series and brought out more gradually. Or carefully plan the teams assigned to each of the 52 titles and make sure they stayed the same and kept up a common quality throughout rather than change up midsequence. Unfortunately not every series, not even Wonder Woman and Aquaman did this, leading to them tapering off in quality later on. Suicide Squad was able to maintain a great quality despite changing to Ales Kot from Adam Glass because Ales Kot was very good. Unfortunately Kot didn’t stick around for the last set of issues. Kindt did a pretty good job with those, which basically involved typing up the storylines of the previous issues, but they weren’t spectacular compared to what Kot and Glass did. When people look back at New 52, Batman will stick out as the masterpiece of this era.

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