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Pop Culture Futurist Part 1: Netflix

The biggest change for the television industry in 2011 may have been Netflix’s decision to buy the exclusive rights to the upcoming  fourth season of the cult TV series Arrested Development. I’m a bit surprised there haven’t been news stories … Continue reading

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The Future of Sarah Palin

Former Governor Palin’s options are limited. But there’s one thing she’ll be able to do, perhaps in a few years, that will get a lot of publicity and really screw over the Republican party. It’s safe to say that Sarah … Continue reading

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On Reader Turnover

In a recent interview with the Spider-Man Crawl Space podcast, Peter David expressed what I thought to be outdated notions regarding turnover amongst comic book readers. He suggested that it was possible to avoid the stigma associated with a change in the … Continue reading

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How could Blagojevich have been so shameless?

In no way is what I say meant to be an endorsement of the practice of selling Senate seats. But if a Governor sees a Senate vacancy as a financial opportunity, there are much smarter ways to take advantage of … Continue reading

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