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August 21 2013 Round-Up

Swedish artist Simon Stalenhag has an interesting style, depicting things that sorta look like they could exist. Matt Soller Zeitz of New York suggests it’s a great time for TV criticism. Matt Wilistein notes improvements in the second season of … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 21 2013 Edition

Erik Posner of Slate thinks a judge’s decision on stop and frisk was poorly made. This was not an easy case. Stop-and-frisk humiliates and inconveniences young black and Hispanic men and may reinforce unfair perceptions about race and crime, while … Continue reading

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Batman 102: Introduction to the Dark Knight II

After the essentials, there are several notable mostly self-contained Batman tales well worth hunting down for anyone with an interest in the caped crusader. Son of the Demon An original graphic novel by Mike Barr and Jerry W. Bingham as … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

The Sunday Herald of Glasgow has a list of the Top 50 Graphic Novels of all time. Tom Spurgeon thinks it’s not bad. If your first 50 encounters with the art form were these 50 choices, you’d likely be vastly entertained … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

Cracked reminds us that the world isn’t all that bad, compared to that horrible place called the past. Paul Waldman of the American Prospect considers the issue of morally compromised art, and the impact on the upcoming Ender’s Game adaptation, … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 18 2013 Edition

Indiewire has a lot of premature coverage of the 2014 Academy Awards as well as potential nominees. They’re pretty bullish on Martin Scorcese and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street. This downloadable playlist of old songs about drugs and prostitution is fantastic. … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 16 2013 Edition

An evangelical minister demonstrated an unfamiliarity with pop culture and copyright law with the cover of his new book. It’s a bit odd to have a minister with a closed twitter account. Conor Friedersdorf notes that a Hillary Clinton presidency (and … Continue reading

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