Favorite Images From Spider-Man: Reign

These are just some panels and pages I liked from Kaare Andrew’s mini-series Spider-Man: Reign. I may steal these for later articles, starting with an intimidating take on Kraven.



I also like the “Anything? Anything!” exchange here.





And here’s an out of context image of Spider-Man punching a redhead.

spousal abuseI like this page for the combination of the creepy take on Venom, with the moral question of responsibility, and sacrifice.

deal with devil b



This was a nice splash page of Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man.

Doctor Octopus Shadow

This was a nice series of panels about Spider-Man deciding to get back into action.

Here Comes the Spider-Man

No context needed for this one. Just a cool shot of black costume Spidey.

Woo Hoo


Spider-Man wasn’t the only one who made a triumphant return.

Hypno Hustler

This cliffhanger emphasized a darker element of the Spider-Man comics, how many people around him have died.Lotta Death

This was a nice exchange between Peter and MJ, even if it all happened in Peter’s head.Peter & MJ A

This page conveyed Spider-Man’s sense of humor, as well as the scale of some of his adventures.

Spider-Man Funny

And the Deal with the Devil line is memorable enough to get its own panel.

deal with the devil

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