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The Future of the Back Issue Market

When I was a kid, I  collected comic books. Wizard‘s monthly top ten back issues lists were a big deal, showing what the hottest comics were. When I was in Middle School, I thought it was impressive to have something in … Continue reading

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The Short-List of Potential Republican Vice-Presidents

At some point in the next year, the Republican presidential nominee will form a vice-presidential search committee. If history is any guide, they’re going to come up with a fairly long list of potential running mates, and quickly winnow that … Continue reading

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What Was the Appeal of Herman Cain?

Following allegations that he had cheated on his wife for thirteen years, and some gaffes which demonstrated a shocking lack of knowledge about foreign policy, Herman Cain is reassessing his presidential campaign.  The latest surveys had him in third place with … Continue reading

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This Should Be Reprinted #1: Soul of the Hunter

Spider-Man is probably Marvel’s best character, but the franchise has been under-represented in collections. For example, of the 85 Marvel Premiere Classics volumes done so far, only six feature Spider-Man, compared to 15 for the X-Men (not including the four … Continue reading

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Who Should Be the Villains in a Doctor Who movie?

If David Yates is able to launch a Doctor Who film franchise, he’ll have one of the most impressive rogues galleries in fiction at his disposal. There will be many villains and evil alien races to choose from, but the … Continue reading

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Top Seven Episodes of Community

I’ve recently become addicted to the show Community. Since there’s no episode this week due to Turkey Day, I thought I’d do a top five. But it became a top seven, in honor of the seven timelines from “Remedial Chaos … Continue reading

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Why are there so many idiotic state legislators?

Every now and then, a state representative or state senator gets attention for saying or doing something really stupid. A few days ago, four members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives formally questioned President Obama’s birth certificate.  Recently State … Continue reading

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How would a Doctor Who movie series work?

David Yates, the director of the last four Harry Potter features, announced his intentions to develop a film version of Doctor Who. Cinematic adaptations of ongoing television series are usually set in the world of the show with the same … Continue reading

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The Problem with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Dark Knight Rises

In his first Batman movie, Tim Burton killed off the Joker. Christopher Nolan realized that this was a mistake, which is why the Joker survived in the Dark Knight. Then Heath Ledger died. I remember comic fans on message boards … Continue reading

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The Newt Gingrich Generation Divide

In an interview with Don Imus, Meghan McCain dismissed Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich as passe, and “not pop-culturally relevant to my generation.” She has a point. There is  a legitimate generational divide regarding how the former Speaker of the House is … Continue reading

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