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Films Seen in 2021 Part 7

This is a continuation of observations on films I’ve seen this year. For this batch, I didn’t go with any further challenges, although I did end up watching several African-American horror movies, and did my best to take advantage of … Continue reading

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Dishonesty as a virtue

Years ago, I read The 48 Rules of Power. My brothers got it for me as a Christmas gift, since I like to write stories about powerful people, and they figured this would provide advice for stories about successful assholes. … Continue reading

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This Should Be a Movie

Once upon a time it was controversial to suggest that doctors should wash their hands. The Hungarian doctor Ignaz Semmelweis was the first to advocate for the need for this. It did not end well. So Semmelweis hypothesized that there were … Continue reading

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Reforming political primaries

It seems to me that there should be a few reforms to political primaries. There should be runoffs. It’s problematic if a candidate wins in a crowded field with a quarter of the vote, especially if it’s for a safe … Continue reading

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