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FDR’s Obstructionism

Yesterday, I compared Mitt Romney’s vague campaign to FDR’s 1932 presidential bid. Roosevelt’s campaign and pre-presidency also tie into another contemporary controversy. Right now, there are arguments that Republicans are intentionally sabotaging President Obama’s agenda to hurt the economy, and increase … Continue reading

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Remaking Indiana Jones and Doctor Who

I considered two questions recently: Should the Indiana Jones films ever be remade? Could there be an American version of Doctor Who? The answers were radically different. I’ve enjoyed the Indiana Jones films. Earlier today, I saw the IMAX re-release … Continue reading

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FDR’s 100 Days and Obama VS Romney

There have been a few comparisons between Mitt Romney and Herbert Hoover, due to slight similarities in stated economic policies and business background. But it seems to me that there’s a lot that Romney has in common with Hoover’s successor … Continue reading

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And the Emmy Goes Yet Again…

The Emmy for Best Supporting Actor in a Drama is probably going to go to Breaking Bad‘s Aaron Paul or to Peter Dinklage of Game of Thrones. This shows the major problem with the award. Actors can be nominated every … Continue reading

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Stan Lee is Awesome

In a recent video, Stan Lee reminded us all that he is awesome, while explaining why he thinks that a common profanity is actually a compliment. I got to shake Stan Lee’s hand once at a comic convention two years … Continue reading

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Towards Better Political Advertising

Today, the campaigns of President Obama and former Governor Mitt Romney are back to negative advertising after a one-day hiatus on the anniversary of September 11. Cynics would say that it takes a horrible tragedy to get politicians to act like … Continue reading

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Y: The Last Man Should Be A Film Series

It’s been reported that New Line cinemas is looking for a director for the long-gestating adaptation of the comic book series Y The Last Man. While some bemoan the prominence of franchises and sequels, I’m hoping they’re developing the project as … Continue reading

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