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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 3

This is a continuation of thoughts on films I’ve watched this year. Part 1. Part 2. My goal is to watch ten movies from every decade (with the silent era until 1929 counting as one decade) recording various details. After … Continue reading

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American Sniper and Socially-Conscious Criticism

Jamie Weinman’s piece on socially conscious criticism got me thinking about the flaws of the approach: it has a preference for bluntness over subtlety. I’m reminded on one relatively recent example: the years-old debate about whether American Sniper was too … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert and African-American Directors

This has been an interesting time for African-American directors. Despite #Oscarssowhite, Ava DuVarney had tremendous acclaim with Selma. Denzel Washington got a best picture nomination for his Fences adaptation, while getting Viola Davis a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award. Barry … Continue reading

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Will Samuel L Jackson Ever Get An Oscar?

Mike Fleming of Deadline made an interesting claim a while back. He viewed Samuel L Jackson as one of the actors almost certain to get an Oscar at some point. There are three actors I consider to be inevitable Oscar … Continue reading

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Movies Watched In 2017 Part 2

Continuing my list… I’m listing some attributes of films for my own benefit. I’m curious how many movies I’ll end up seeing this year in a specific genre or dealing with a particular subject matter. New movie just means a … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies For Every Year

A frrend of mine did something like online, and I thought it was an interesting idea. It’s a selection of my favorite movie for every year. The gimmick was to do it for every year you’ve been alive, but I’m … Continue reading

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What 21st Century Films Will Be Remembered Decades From Now?

One thing I’m interested in is how perceptions about works of art change, and how reputations can slowly rise. Let’s look at this with movies. Some films are immediately acknowledged as being among the best of the art form. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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