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Dunkirk and the Bechdel Test

A portion of a positive review of Christopher Nolan’s filmĀ Dunkirk has resulted in some controversy. The trio of timelines can be jarring as you figure out how they all fit, and the fact that there are only a couple of … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 4

Earlier in the year, I set a goal of watching at least 100 films, and to make sure it includes some older stuff, included an additional challenge of focusing on at least ten films per decade (counting the 2010s as … Continue reading

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If I Wrote Spider-Man 4

If I had written Spider-Man 3, it would have ended with a few unresolved cliffhangers. Spider-Man and Mary Jane are worried because Harry Osborn is on the loose as the new Green Goblin. They’re unaware that Eddie Brock, a suicidal … Continue reading

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An off-putting subtext of Tomorrowland

Tomorrowland was one of the big flops of the summer last year, and a quite interesting movie. There are some arguments about how it’s underrated. Matt Looker of gameradar had some insights on the message that we can make a … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 3

This is a continuation of thoughts on films I’ve watched this year. Part 1. Part 2. My goal is to watch ten movies from every decade (with the silent era until 1929 counting as one decade) recording various details. After … Continue reading

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American Sniper and Socially-Conscious Criticism

Jamie Weinman’s piece on socially conscious criticism got me thinking about the flaws of the approach: it has a preference for bluntness over subtlety. I’m reminded on one relatively recent example: the years-old debate about whether American Sniper was too … Continue reading

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Roger Ebert and African-American Directors

This has been an interesting time for African-American directors. Despite #Oscarssowhite, Ava DuVarney had tremendous acclaim with Selma. Denzel Washington got a best picture nomination for his Fences adaptation, while getting Viola Davis a well-deserved Best Supporting Actress award. Barry … Continue reading

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