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Metsfilter May 31 2013

This has become a second day of consecutive posts about Patrick Stewart, this time due to a fantastic response he gave about domestic violence, and his advocacy for a British charity, during a Q & A. Today’s Penny Arcade was … Continue reading

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Comics Read in May 2013 Part 1

With Iron Man 3 coming out, I sought out two of the most acclaimed stories featuring the Mandarin. Iron Man: Enter the Mandarin #1-6 is a solid Year One type story, notable mainly for the inventive art of Eric Canete. Iron Man … Continue reading

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Metsfilter May 30 Edition

“Stuff I Like” doesn’t quite seem like a good thing to call posts about music I heard, and articles I’ve read since it’s likely that at some point, I’ll find a well-written piece about something horrible. So for the moment, … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like May 25, 2013 Edition

Frankie Miller came up when I googled “Scottish singers” and found someone’s best of list. His song Jealousy is quite good. On the subject of videos of youtube videos of famous Scottish people, I am reminded of the comedy of … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like Part 2

This video of a tornado survivor discovering what happened to her dog has been making the rounds. It’s fantastic. The Bleeding Cool fan award nominations are useful as I reminder to check out certain comic books. I’m way behind on The … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like

Been meaning to try something like this. Andy Borowitz’s piece “Obama Denies Role in Government” should have been the basis for a Saturday Night Live sketch. Ted Nugent’s brother wrote an op-ed piece for the Washington Post. He does not … Continue reading

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A Small Connection Between Game of Thrones and Estonia

  According to a piece in the Economist, the fantasy genre owes a bit to the Estonians, specifically the Estonian Language. Some borrow features from natural languages: J.R.R. Tolkien’s Elvish languages, Quenya and Sindarin, were influenced by Finnish and Welsh, … Continue reading

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