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The Worst Review Ever

My cat did not care for a particular brand of cat food that I got from my aunt whose cats didn’t care for it either, and she got it from a neighbor who seemed to have had the same issue. … Continue reading

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In Praise of Novelty Songs

Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-A-Ling” was his only #1 hit in the United States. And it’s awesome. There’s no funnier line than “That’s future parliament singing” because he’s absolutely right. I had a hell of a time singing it in a … Continue reading

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The Rule of Three in Humor

Stealing a joke. A little girl was walking through the park when she saw three dogs lying by the pathway. Being an animal lover, she approached the dogs and proceeded to pet one of the dogs on the head. She … Continue reading

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This is Great

Fantastic English TV listing from the Sunday Herald.

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The Real Reason Peter Parker and Mary Jane Broke-Up

One More Day was a cover-up. The gif comes from the opening of a PSY parody music video.  

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What Comedy Central Should Do With Trevor Noah

The problem with Trevor Noah as host of the Daily Show is that he would be a better fit to replace Larry Wilmore as Stephen Colbert’s successor rather than John Stewart’s. Continue reading

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Spider-Man Image Dump Jr.

Some more Spider-Man images I found. XKCD shows why Spider-Man shouldn’t be too accurate.   Jack Kirby demonstrated that he can draw a cool Spidey. As did Robert Hough.   JH Williams III focused on wallcrawling. John Cassady emphasized the webswinging. … Continue reading

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Estonia In The Media

With Putin’s aggression in Ukraine, Estonia’s in the news. The Daily Beast had a profile on President Toomas Ilves‘s efforts to fight back against Putin. So, where should the West focus its attention? Ilves’ eyes light up and he repeats one … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 18 2013 Edition

Indiewire has a lot of premature coverage of the 2014 Academy Awards as well as potential nominees. They’re pretty bullish on Martin Scorcese and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street. This downloadable playlist of old songs about drugs and prostitution is fantastic. … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up August 11 2013 Edition

There seems to be an opening in the 2016 Republican presidential primary for the Santorum slot, the candidate of social conservatives who flocked to Santorum in 2012, Huckabee in 2008 and George W Bush in 2000. Rebecca Cusey of Patheos … Continue reading

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