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Lyndon Johnson: The Educator Who Became President

For a follow-up on a piece about Earl Warren as a man who had a great influence on education, I decided to write about arguably the most successful educator in American history, the one who ended up becoming President. Lyndon … Continue reading

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Best Director/ Actor Pairings

This is inspired by a Watch Mojo list that I had a strong reaction too. My thoughts on the choices. 10. Wes Anderson/ Bill Murray- They’ve made some good movies together, but not enough to justify inclusion. 9. John Wayne/ … Continue reading

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Earl Warren: The Fall And Rise of School Segregation

I’m currently in the process of obtaining a Masters in Education. For a class on the history of pedagogy, I was asked to write about someone who had a significant impact on the field. I picked Earl Warren. Earl Warren is … Continue reading

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Tangled Webs: Fixing Spider-Man Circa 1997

My latest piece for the Crawlspace is about an old Wizard magazine article on fixing the Spider-Man comics shortly after the Clone Saga. It’s an updated version of something I wrote for this blog several years ago. This was just … Continue reading

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The Moment Cruz Leads Jeb By 1 Vote

Ted Cruz leads Jeb Bush by one vote in New Hampshire Continue reading

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