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Tangled Webs: The Spider-Marriage’s 30th Anniversary

For a Tangled Web column, I looked at the different perspectives of an event that happened a little over 30 years ago, as Stan Lee and a roomful of comics fans convinced Jim Shooter to marry off Spider-Man and Mary … Continue reading

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Tangled Webs: The Reputation of Shed

For a Tangled Webs column, I looked at the reputation of Shed, a four part Brand New Day era Amazing Spider-Man arc that has some fans, and detractors. I really liked it. Many did not. A unified front doesn’t necessarily … Continue reading

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Senators and Vice-Presidents

Donald Trump’s selection of Mike Pence as his running mate shows an interesting difference between Republicans and Democrats. The Democrats will almost always pick Senators for Veep. Republicans are most apt to pick Governors, like Pence is now; leading members of the House … Continue reading

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