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The Infinite Spider-Man: Retcons

  A good chunk of the Infinite Spider-Man essay series was devoted to the question of retcons, since One More Day changed major details about the wall-crawler’s backstory. His marriage to MJ was erased, the world forgot about his secret … Continue reading

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The Infinite Spider-Man Introduction

The Infinite Spider-Man is a series of mini-essays exploring Marvel’s options for the future of their most popular character. It’s an updated version of an earlier piece written prior to the publication of the One More Day storyline. As the character’s … Continue reading

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Favorite Images From Spider-Man: Reign

These are just some panels and pages I liked from Kaare Andrew’s mini-series Spider-Man: Reign. I may steal these for later articles, starting with an intimidating take on Kraven.   I also like the “Anything? Anything!” exchange here.     … Continue reading

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Why I Can’t Be A Critic

This is something that’s been on my mind. What does it mean for an individual engaging in pop culture discussion when most of your comments are positive? Whenever I try grading movies or comic books, I tend to give positive … Continue reading

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Would Paul Ryan Be An Effective Presidential Candidate?

With the allegations against Chris Christie, the media thinks there’s a new frontrunner for the Republican party’s presidential nomination in 2016. According to Larry Sabato, it’s Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. According to Peter Beinart, it’s Rand Paul. According to the … Continue reading

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