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A Vice-Presidential Primary?

There was an interesting hypothetical on a political forum: What if nominees for Vice President were selected in primaries the way many states select candidates for Lieutenant Governor? It highlights the problems with the method many states have of selecting … Continue reading

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Oscar Ratings And Popular Films

The ratings for the most recent Academy Awards were the lowest-ever by a large margin. This leads to some questions about why that is. Is there too much focus on material that isn’t commercial? Is Hollywood liberalism turning off moderate … Continue reading

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The Firing of Kevin Williamson

The Atlantic made a really bad decision recently in firing Kevin Williamson for expressing a controversial opinion on abortion, weeks after hiring him because he is able to articulate controversial opinions. Some of the people pushing for his removal predicted … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2018 Part 2

I’m continuing the series of observations on films I’ve seen this year,¬†setting a challenge of watching ten films per decade (counting the silent era from 1915-1929 as one decade) in the calendar year, and allowing for special attention to recent … Continue reading

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