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Doctor Who: Genesis of the Cybermen

A while back there were some rumors that the BBC was interested in launching Doctor Who as a film series. Showrunner Stephen Moffat fought back, arguing that one of the things that makes the Doctor special is that there is … Continue reading

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Batman 103: Morrison and Snyder

Right now, it’s a pretty good time to be a Batman fan. The Christopher Nolan movies were easily the three best superhero films ever made, and the comics are providing material for future adaptations with two runs by the most … Continue reading

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Alan Moore on Three-Dimensional Characters

This seems appropriate to post on Moore’s 60th Birthday. Alan Moore had some interesting thoughts on the subject in an essay he wrote in 1985, later published by Avatar Press as¬†Writing for Comics. The approach to characterization in comics has … Continue reading

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Alan Moore 101

There’s an easy measure of the best talent in an art form. How do they dominate Best Of lists? Shigeru Miyamato’s name pops up a lot if you’re looking at a tally of the most acclaimed video games. Charles Dickens … Continue reading

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