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Ranking the New 52: The Bottom Five

For the ranking of the new 52 books, I’m going to start with the worst. If I wasn’t making a point of reading all 260 issues, I probably wouldn’t have read all of this, which means this has given me … Continue reading

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The New 52 VS Ultimate Marvel

It’s a rare opportunity to see an entire comic book universe relaunched from scratch. It’s really impressive, essentially as a ground floor project. In five months, there’s more content than five years of the Ultimate Universe, which was the result of … Continue reading

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The 2012 Republican Primary Candidates in Perspective

Paul Begala, the Democratic political commentator and campaign manager, summed up the consensus of the candidates in the 2012 Republican primary, suggesting that Obama is already one of the winners of the 2012 campaign. Barack Obama: If his predecessor cursed … Continue reading

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On “Average”

Something I’ve noticed in many disagreements is the tendency to argue from opposing frames of reference while remaining ignorant of that gap in understanding. It’s sometimes funny to look at these discussions from the outside, realizing that a simple explanation … Continue reading

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Explaining Romney VS Gingrich to Democrats

I think Romney’s the strongest Republican candidate remaining, but I can understand the opposition to him, although it seems to perplex Democrats. It reflects a difference in the way some people narrow down their choices of candidates. Usually, I’ll narrow the … Continue reading

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Oscar Nomination Predictions

This seems to be my last chance to make some predictions for what’s going to get Academy Award nominations. I’ll just use mgk’s template. I’m posting this at the last possible minute, so most people who read it are going to … Continue reading

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Newt Gingrich VS Henry Kissinger

I had a discussion with my brother a few weeks ago, on the question of whether Newt Gingrich was “pop-culturally irrelevant.” I argued that, as far as younger voters are concerned, he can be compared to Henry Kissinger. Both are … Continue reading

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