Marvel VS DC

As a Marvel zombie who recently read a lot of DC comics, I decided to write a series of mini-essays about the differences between the two publishers/ shared universes. An important point is that DC is a patchwork consisting of the contributions of many disparate writers and artists while Marvel has Stan Lee.

The best DC stories tend to be self-contained, while the best Marvel stories tend to be part of a shared universe.

DC’s villains are typical supervillains, while Marvel has more real-world analogues to their bad guys.

DC’s families tend to be based on characters with similar abilities, while Marvel’s are typically based on characters with unique powers.

DC went with the Sherlock Holmes approach to episodic serials, while Marvel had more long-term story development.

DC also tends to put their best creative teams on accessible self-contained projects, while Marvel is more likely to pair top writers and artists on their ongoing titles.

Marvel is much more likely to reference the earliest adventures of their superheroes.

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