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Marvel VS DC Part 6: Creative Teams

Dan Didio posted a list on facebook of the ten comics from his tenure at DC that he thinks were most consequential. It shows a departure for the norm for the company. He begins with an explanation of why the Batman … Continue reading

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Why isn’t Angus King Vice-President?

Former Maine Governor and probable future Senator Angus King might indicate why I’m not the biggest fan of President Obama. If Obama was the guy Andrew Sullivan and Colin Powell say he is, Angus King would be Vice-President. The selection would … Continue reading

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Three-Act Structure: Introduction

I recently gave a report on three-act structure. Because  it’s a subject that I gave a lot of thought to, and I’m unwilling to throw stuff away, it’s all being rewritten here. Three-act structure is the general formula for most … Continue reading

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Why Romney Should Support Legalizing Pot

In a recent “In the Loop” column, Al Kamen suggested that Mitt Romney should support the decriminalization of marijuana as a General Election sop to Ron Paul supporters. First, Paul’s supporters could be quite valuable to the eventual GOP nominee. While they’ve … Continue reading

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Comic Books, Self-Publishing and the Vanity Press

Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading pondered why self-published comics are treated differently than self-published books. These sources rely on publishers to serve as a filter, believing them to have winnowed out lower-quality books, so that the big name … Continue reading

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Will Hillary Clinton be the John McCain of 2016?

Earlier today, James Carville said he thought Hillary Clinton would run for President again in 2016. Drudge seemed to think that the comment was worth posting a link, and there’s been a bit of chatter about the possibility recently. Mark Halperin and … Continue reading

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My Congressman is running for Senate

On Tuesday, Bob Turner announced that he’s running for Senate, following the dissolution of his congressional district. I volunteered for him when he sought the office in the special election, and have no objection to his current plans. Turner may be … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 5: The Serial

Once again, continuing my analysis of the differences between Marvel and DC… There are essentially two ways to handle episodic serials, and the two companies are both associated with different approaches. DC usually went with the Sherlock Holmes formula, in … Continue reading

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Rush Limbaugh VS Bill Maher

With Rush Limbaugh losing sponsors after his comments regarding a Georgetown law student/ political activist, some conservatives claim that there’s a double standard, with the media giving left-leaning celebrities a pass for stuff that would result in protests against conservatives. … Continue reading

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