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The Man in the Arena VS The Critic

Kevin Smith’s recent dust-up with Nikki Finke got me thinking about the old battle. This applies to sports, entertainment, politics and any field in which there’s a person who Teddy Roosevelt described as the “man in the arena.” In these … Continue reading

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How to make a Blade monthly

Thanks to the Wesley Snipes movies, Blade is one of Marvel’s most recognizable characters. It’s one of four Marvel franchises to be turned into an anime by Madhouse Entertainment. And the character adds some diversity to Marvel’s line-up, so the company … Continue reading

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A Lost Opportunity in “Midnight in Paris”

Woody Allen’s Midnight in Paris is still in theaters. It’s a fine film, about the nostalgia for the past. But I think there was a lost opportunity. This discussion will contain spoilers, so proceed at your own risk. The film … Continue reading

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Gosh, Voter Fraud Seems Easy

During last week’s special congressional election, I was a poll watcher for Bob Turner’s campaign. I hadn’t really paid attention to the process before, and was struck by how easy something like voter fraud seems. If you’re registered to vote … Continue reading

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Notes Jotted down on 9/11 Part 4: T-Day

 The decision to stay in Midtown became a moot point, as I saw people heading into the Subway. I told Chen, and Steven that if I had to be with any two guys, after terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center, … Continue reading

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Notes Jotted down on 9/11 Part 3: Lemmings and Postcards

  Because I came from the first floor, I was one of the last students to arrive at my tenth floor homeroom. Ms Fletcher (seven or so months pregnant) told the students to sit down, and stay away from the … Continue reading

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Notes Jotted down on 9/11 Part 2: Photography Class

When I got to class, Mr. Tolan was watching the news. I heard about the second plane, and how this was probably terrorism. As I was looking at the TV, I saw that both towers were burning. Sarah, who had … Continue reading

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