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July 31 2013 Round-Up

Beer Labels in motion is a fun blog. Malcolm Jones has a list of the best Woody Allen films. I’ve been enjoying the recent comics related editions of the Nerdist Writers Panel podcast. It is kinda funny how Len Wein … Continue reading

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July 31 2013 Politics Round-Up

After the stories about how Hillary Clinton wants to cut ties with Huma Abedin due to her husband’s embarrassing mayoral campaign, the new piece about how they’re all worried about Abedin is politically more useful. She’s now taking a break from working … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Round-Up

Someone has compiled 15 film poster cliches. Spike Lee releases his list of essential films, the syllabus for his NYU Graduate class. Noah Millman considers whether the zombie movie has become the new western. Which is what worries me about … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Politics Round-Up

The Chicago Tribune made a boo-boo. Mona Charen considers an alternative to the current Republican primary process. Jeffrey H. Anderson and Jay Cost believe so. Writing in the summer issue ofNational Affairs, they argue that the current primary system arose … Continue reading

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July 29 2013 Round-Up

John Seavey praises Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar. ‘Quasar’ was the series he came up with to tell those stories, and I loved both ‘Quasar’ the series and Quasar the character. I loved the series because Gruenwald looked at the Marvel Universe, the … Continue reading

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Last Weekend of July Round-Up

Charlie Savage of the New York Times considers John Roberts’s appointments to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court. In making assignments to the court, Chief Justice Roberts, more than his predecessors, has chosen judges with conservative and executive branch backgrounds that … Continue reading

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Politics Round-up July 25 2013

In a post about Ted Cruz, Jonathan Bernstein defends George McGovern who lost 49 states against Richard Nixon in 1972. Beyond that, it’s not clear that reputation for ideological extremism was McGovern’s main problem that year. The Democrats really were … Continue reading

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