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The Possible Revenge of Charlie Crist

Ever since he finished second to Marco Rubio in the 2010 Florida Senate race, after leaving the Republican party to run as an Independent, there has been speculation that Charlie Crist might run for Governor again, as a Democrat against … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 7: The First Adventures

This probably also ties into my Stan Lee VS the Patchwork Universe explanation, but a major difference between Marvel and DC is how they reconcile the departures from the first storylines of the major franchises to the current comics. With … Continue reading

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Why do so few Governors become Senators?

One surprising detail in the resumes of sitting Senators is that there are only ten former Governors in the club. A Governor is one of the most prominent politicians in a state, and usually term-limited (by either law or tradition) … Continue reading

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Three Act Structure 2.3: Belly of the Beast

In Three Uses of the Knife, David Mamet identifies the second act of a film or play with Joseph Campbell’s “Belly of the Beast.” (38) In Jonah’s case, it was literal. As Mamet explains, if Act One is the dream, … Continue reading

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Are Presidential Candidates from Large States at an advantage?

President Obama has a few historical advantages on his side in the upcoming presidential election. Very few incumbent Presidents have lost their bids for reelection. And it’s an even rarer for an incumbent President to lose after his party has … Continue reading

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The Next Potential Super-franchises

The Avengers is a massive record-breaking hit. As a result. we’re very likely to see more super-franchises in film, which combine separate series into a linked interconnected universe. So here are a few that come to mind. Justice League of … Continue reading

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Perfection VS Brilliance

It seems to me that there are two ways of judging either a creative talent, or a work of art. You can focus on brilliance (the creative heights) or you could scrutinize over whether it is perfect. If you focus on perfection, … Continue reading

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