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This Should Be Reprinted #3: Roger Stern’s Spider-Man

Roger Stern is widely considered to be the best Spider-Man writer since Stan Lee. According to CBR readers, he is responsible for three of the ten best Spider-Man stories ever: The Kid Who Collects Spider-Man at #8, Nothing Can Stop … Continue reading

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How is Linda McMahon Polling So Well?

A few weeks ago, I suggested that Linda McMahon was an example of the poor vetting of the Tea Party organizations who allowed inadequate candidates to get the party’s nomination. In a very good year for Republicans in which the … Continue reading

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Morbius for Amazing Spider-Man 2?

I’d say there’s a new suspect for the villain of The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Morbius, the Living Vampire. A few weeks ago, Stan Lee said that Morbius was one villain he would like to see on film. It’s a slightly unusual answer … Continue reading

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Could President Romney Be Primaried?

Earlier, I considered how Mitt Romney’s decision to choose Paul Ryan as his running mate would affect an open 2016 Republican presidential primary. This was under the assumption that President Obama would be reelected. Choosing Paul Ryan also has a … Continue reading

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How does Paul Ryan change the 2016 Landscape?

If President Obama is reelected, the invisible primary for the 2016 Republican nomination will be immediately underway. Two weeks ago, it was understood that Chris Christie and Marco Rubio were in the top tier, along with possibly one other candidate … Continue reading

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DC Didn’t Play Fair With the Death and Return of Superman

I started considering this after watching Chronicle screenwriter Max Landis’s takedown of the Death of Superman story of the 1990s. It’s a few months old, but it’s worth watching. It was one of the best-selling comic books of all time, … Continue reading

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Romney’s Home States

Andrew Sullivan looked at a Michigan poll which wasn’t favorable to Romney. Not looking good in the latest PPP poll. He’ll likely lose both of his home states this fall. Some time ago, Greg Sargent noted how unusual it would be for … Continue reading

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Another direction for the Amazing Spider-Man Films?

Earlier, I considered where the Marc Webb/ Andrew Garfield Amazing Spider-Man films could go after the current trilogy comes to an end, noting that Kraven the Hunter could be the villain of a multi-film storyline. But there is another possible … Continue reading

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Putting Spidey Through Hell

Brian Michael Bendis was asked about all the nasty stuff that had happened to Daredevil throughout his run on the series. I get this all the time. They say, “You really hate Daredevil. Look how mean you are to Daredevil.” … Continue reading

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Speedy Nuptials

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers how quickly Peter Parker and Mary Jane got engaged and married in the 1980s after Ned Leeds was murdered, and Black Cat cheated on Peter with the Foreigner. Continue reading

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