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C.B. Cebulski and Akira Yoshida

The big comics news of the last week is that C.B. Celuski, the new Marvel Editor in Chief, once wrote some comics (about 50 issues worth) under the name Akira Yoshida. There are three angles to this which might jeopardize … Continue reading

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From minor statewide office to President

There was an interesting question on a politics discussion board recently that got me thinking: Can someone who has only held “minor” statewide office (Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, etc.) get elected directly as President without getting elected as Governor or … Continue reading

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Why Did Republicans Go For Trump?

A question that comes up in political discussions is why Republican voters went for Trump. There are three main categories: Why did he win the primary? Why did he get so much institutional support as the nominee that he was … Continue reading

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Disagreeing without believing the other person is crazy

In political discussions, I’ve sometimes observed a conflation between views someone disagrees with and views they think no reasonable person can hold, when there should be space for views you disagree with but understand can be held by people you … Continue reading

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Political Beliefs

I wrote this elsewhere, but I’m rather proud of it. I suppose it’s a companion to the one on religion. The following are some of my political beliefs. On fiscal issues, I think the government should spend money efficiently, in … Continue reading

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When People Should Be Kicked Out of the Academy

Harvey Weinstein has been kicked out of the¬†Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is probably the right move. Now, there are calls to kick out some others, with references to Academy members Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen … Continue reading

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A Weird hashtag

There’s some concern online about a really dumb hashtag (#gasthesynagogue), a nasty response to a situation in St Louis in which protesters fled the police and were often protection in a synagogue. Haaretz has a piece on this. Looking at … Continue reading

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