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The Real Clear Websites As An Educational Tool

This was something I wrote a while back for a class on technology in education. I had to describe how teachers could use a particular web-based tool. I went with the realclear brand of websites. These are essentially news aggregators divided by … Continue reading

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The Left’s Confederate Flag

Tim Graham of Newsbusters wrote about a topic I’ve been thinking about: how the left opposes confederate flags, while supporting similarly problematic soviet imagery. Two years ago, a Kevin Williamson piece on Bernie Sanders got some angry responses from the left, … Continue reading

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Critics on 100 Essential Comic Books

Years ago, I was given the book The A List: The National Society Of Film Critics’ 100 Essential Films as a birthday gift. It was a collection of essays by notable critics on 100 important movies. It’s something I’ve returned to every … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

Lately, I’ve noticed the oldest posts on the ‘Read Later’ section at Feedly. These were often things I meant to read at some point, and never got around to, or that I figured I’d right about and didn’t. And they’re old … Continue reading

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Could an Independent Win the White House?

I saw this question on a political forum, and realized the answer depends on what you mean. It would be very difficult for a third party nominee to win the presidency in the current American system. A ticket with two moderate … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 3

This is a continuation of thoughts on films I’ve watched this year. Part 1. Part 2. My goal is to watch ten movies from every decade (with the silent era until 1929 counting as one decade) recording various details. After … Continue reading

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This was something I wrote for a class on Education. The most important element of an effective assessment seems to be the information it provides. An assessment isn’t particularly useful if it doesn’t demonstrate what a student knows, and where … Continue reading

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