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Tableaux from In The Crosswind

For a lesson for my Social Studies class, there’s a portion where the students are to perform tableaux:¬†a group of models or motionless figures representing a scene from a story or from history. There is a slight problem with providing … Continue reading

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Oprah’s Pence

This is very premature speculation on a possible Oprah presidential bid. If she were to run for President, and were to win the Democratic vice-presidential nomination, who would be her ideal running mate? Who could do for her what Pence … Continue reading

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Predictions for the 90th Academy Awards

With the Oscar nominations coming out soon, I’m going to make my educated guess on who is going to be happiest. Best Picture Last time I tried this, I bet on all the SAG Outstanding Performance By a Cast nominees … Continue reading

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California and the Supplemental Poverty Measure

I’ve often seen pieces comparing the economies of blue states and red states, with blue states generally coming out ahead. I was skeptical but interested in a piece by Kerry Jackson of the Pacific Research Institute on how California measures … Continue reading

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A-list characters are no fun.

A few years ago, when writing about Matt Fraction and David Aja’s run of Hawkeye, Humphrey Lee of Ainticoolnews explains why he prefers B-list characters¬†to the A-listers like Batman, Superman and Spider-Man. This may be one of those occasions where … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: A really dumb argument against Romney

This was something I wrote during the 2012 presidential election, on a criticism of Mitt Romney that was probably forgotten minutes after the think pieces were written. There were legitimate complaints with Romney’s numbers regarding the number of jobs he … Continue reading

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Franchising Wolverine

For some time, the X-Men comics were in an odd place because the Chairman of Marvel Entertainment hated the idea of providing Fox more content to adapt for films and TV. Disney’s purchase of Fox eliminates that concern, so one … Continue reading

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How Unpopular Could Trump Be?

There is one line of thinking that President Trump, despite his record low approval rating, has a floor in terms of how low he can go. Part of this is in comparison to former Presidents. However, Trump is a bit … Continue reading

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Metsfilter January 2 2018

These are just some links I found interesting. Tyler Cowen’s explanation of why he writes for Bloomberg View is a source of good leads on intelligent writing on economic matters. Open Culture has two interesting photo galleries: 1,600 color photos … Continue reading

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