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Movies Watched in 2018 Part 3

This is a continuation of notes on films I’ve seen this year, following Parts 1 and Part 2. I set myself a challenge of watching ten films per decade (counting the silent era up until 1929 as one decade) while allowing for … Continue reading

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In Praise of Novelty Songs

Chuck Berry’s “My Ding-A-Ling” was his only #1 hit in the United States. And it’s awesome. There’s no funnier line than “That’s future parliament singing” because he’s absolutely right. I had a hell of a time singing it in a … Continue reading

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Sugarman’s Estonian Friend

Recently, I watched the documentary Searching For Sugarman about Sixto Rodriguez, an obscure psychedelic rock figure from the 1970s whose music was immensely popular in South Africa.  It’s shocking, I know, but a film that was universally acclaimed and seemed to … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 19 2013 Edition

The Sunday Herald of Glasgow has a list of the Top 50 Graphic Novels of all time. Tom Spurgeon thinks it’s not bad. If your first 50 encounters with the art form were these 50 choices, you’d likely be vastly entertained … Continue reading

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Round-Up August 18 2013 Edition

Indiewire has a lot of premature coverage of the 2014 Academy Awards as well as potential nominees. They’re pretty bullish on Martin Scorcese and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street. This downloadable playlist of old songs about drugs and prostitution is fantastic. … Continue reading

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August 7 2013 Round-Up

This may be how Americans view the other kind of Football. George Clooney may have been right in his observation that anyone in the film industry shouldn’t refer to Waterworld as a historic flop. It’s always odd when a term becomes a metaphor, … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Round-Up

Someone has compiled 15 film poster cliches. Spike Lee releases his list of essential films, the syllabus for his NYU Graduate class. Noah Millman considers whether the zombie movie has become the new western. Which is what worries me about … Continue reading

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