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Wizard’s Best Comic Book Creators Circa 2000

I’ve posted a few things from Wizard #105, where they went with a lot of rankings (characters, comic book stories, etc.) They also had a top ten creators (technically, a top 13 since it included three pairings.) I wouldn’t call … Continue reading

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Revisiting A List of My Favorite Comic Book Stories

When I was younger, I was obsessed with ranking stuff I liked, primarily comic book stories and movies. At a certain point, I read so much stuff that there wasn’t much of a point. Too much would get left out. … Continue reading

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Best Spider-Man Stories By Decade

This was something I did for a message board a while back. The challenge was to list the best Spider-Man stories by decade. It’s obviously very subjective, although it was a useful exercise in considering what made the character tic, … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies For Every Year

A frrend of mine did something like online, and I thought it was an interesting idea. It’s a selection of my favorite movie for every year. The gimmick was to do it for every year you’ve been alive, but I’m … Continue reading

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What 21st Century Films Will Be Remembered Decades From Now?

One thing I’m interested in is how perceptions about works of art change, and how reputations can slowly rise. Let’s look at this with movies. Some films are immediately acknowledged as being among the best of the art form. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Favorite Comic Book Writers

I spent way too much time thinking about something others might rattle off very quickly: who my favorite comic book writers are, and what it would take to displace them. This was based on a comment on a message board … Continue reading

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Ten People With Surprising Oscars

I’m interested in the history of the Academy Awards, and every now and then I see some people have surprising backgrounds for Oscar winners. I’m trying to avoid the likes of F. Murray Abraham or Marlee Matlin, who are known … Continue reading

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