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Batman 101: Introduction to the Dark Knight

It’s probably easier to introduce Batman to a new reader than any other comic book character. There are three self-contained stories that are at the top of any “Best Of” list—among the five best comic books ever according to a … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Top 40 Comic Book Stories Circa 2000

Speaking of Wizard lists, my favorite issue of the magazine was probably #105, where they decided to celebrate the new millennium with best of lists, including the 40 greatest comic books ever. circa 2000. There was some good stuff that … Continue reading

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Wizard’s How to Fix Spider-Man Circa 1997

The other Wizard article on Spider-Man that probably influenced my take on the character  was their take on Spider-Man from 1997.           Wizard continued their affair with Roger Stern’s Amazing Spider-Man, including seven panels from the … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Top Ten Spider-Man Stories Circa 1998

In 1998, Wizard published a special one-shot devoted to Spider-Man. I probably read it more than most Spider-Man comics. The highlight may have been a top ten list by Andrew Kardan. I don’t agree with it completely, but each of … Continue reading

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Essay on Kalevipoeg

This was an essay I wrote a few years ago about the Estonian epic Kalevipoeg. Like Kalevala was for the Finns,Kalevipoeg was a conscious attempt to create the Estonian nation’s version of Greek epics such as The Iliad, and The … Continue reading

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Spider-Man 101 And The Best Of..

Earlier, I made a list of good Spider-Man comics for anyone looking for an introduction to the character. Most of the included issues tend to appear on the lists of the greatest Spider-Man stories. Anyone interested in how the the recommended … Continue reading

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Ginger British Atheist Weird Al

I became aware of Tim Minchin this weekend, thanks to a spotlight on the musician-comedian in The New Yorker podcast. Presumably, there is an article about him in The New Yorker as well. As a Weird Al fan, I am … Continue reading

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