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Best Spider-Man Stories By Decade

This was something I did for a message board a while back. The challenge was to list the best Spider-Man stories by decade. It’s obviously very subjective, although it was a useful exercise in considering what made the character tic, … Continue reading

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Favorite Movies For Every Year

A friend of mine did something like this online, and I thought it was an interesting idea: a selection of favorite movies for every year. The gimmick my friend did was to do it for every year you’ve been alive, … Continue reading

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Novice Teachers

This was part of a piece I wrote for a class when I was going for my Education Masters. It was in response to a scholarly article on the role of empathy in education. The first thought I had reading … Continue reading

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Skepticism on Middle School Solutions

This was something I wrote for a class in my education masters program. One of the most surprising things I read for any of the classes this year was the notion that Middle School is often less cognitively demanding then … Continue reading

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Skewed Results in Education

This was a reflection I wrote for one of my classes in my education Masters program. It was a response to a series of articles about new efforts at improving middle schools. One of those was an example of project-based … Continue reading

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5 Series Where Anything Goes

One of the things I like about Doctor Who┬áis that the story engine basically allows the series to tell any kind of story in any setting. The basic conceit is that in every episode, an ancient time traveler and his … Continue reading

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The Next Presidential Succession

Even with Donald Trump in the White House, there has been a remarkable stability with Presidents. In the last 40 years, no one has left office through unnatural means. Presidents have died in office in 1841, 1850, 1865, 1881, 1901, … Continue reading

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What 21st Century Films Will Be Remembered Decades From Now?

One thing I’m interested in is how perceptions about works of art change, and how reputations can slowly rise. Let’s look at this with movies. Some films are immediately acknowledged as being among the best of the art form. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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Effects of Shared Curriculla

This was an incident I observed while shadowing a teacher (let’s call her Ms. Smith) for mandatory observation houts. In the school, there was a decree that everyone in the seventh grade read The Outsiders, even though half the students … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 1

  I set a challenge for myself on a message board this year to watch at least 100 movies. And as a way to encourage myself to watch older movies, I went with a sub-challenge of picking ten films per … Continue reading

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