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Wizard’s Best Comic Book Creators Circa 2000

I’ve posted a few things from Wizard #105, where they went with a lot of rankings (characters, comic book stories, etc.) They also had a top ten creators (technically, a top 13 since it included three pairings.) I wouldn’t call … Continue reading

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Thoughts On Favorite Comic Book Writers

  I spent way too much time thinking about something others might rattle off very quickly: who my favorite comic book writers are, and what it would take to displace them. This was based on a comment on a message … Continue reading

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Possibly My Favorite Spider-Man Panel

That panel on the right may just be my favorite from the Spider-Man comics. When a friend showed me his collection of  silver age comics, that was the one I wanted to see in the original version. It’s from Amazing … Continue reading

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Alan Moore on Three-Dimensional Characters

This seems appropriate to post on Moore’s 60th Birthday. Alan Moore had some interesting thoughts on the subject in an essay he wrote in 1985, later published by Avatar Press as Writing for Comics. The approach to characterization in comics has … Continue reading

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Captain America 101

Captain America may just be Marvel’s Superman, the one iconic hero every superhero universe has a copy of. He’s also the most successful of the Golden Age Marvel heroes, although since Jack Kirby was one of his cocreators, the character … Continue reading

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2013 Comics in 2013 February Progress Report

Continuing my efforts to at least take note of at least 2013 comic books I have read in the course of the year, under the assumption that I’d read this amount anyway. This is made easier by the cinematic storytelling … Continue reading

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Writers and Villains

It’s worth looking at the many different ways top Spider-Man writers have handled the villains. Stan Lee co-created most of the major Spider-Man bad guys, who generally had mundane motivations, such as making money and becoming New York City’s top … Continue reading

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Peter Parker First

While the possible schedules and formats for the series are important for any writer or editor to consider, the purpose of the format is to serve the content. And the lead character drives the content. The central question for any Spider-Man … Continue reading

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The Illusion of Change

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets looks at the Illusion of Change in the comic books. Continue reading

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Did Joe Quesada Lie?

Did Joe Quesada lie about One More Day or One Moment in Time, the Spider-Man stories that retconned Peter Parker’s marriage to Mary Jane? Continue reading

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