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I’m a comic book fan, wannabe writer, politics buff and New Yorker. I don’t actually follow baseball. In the Estonian language, “Mets” simply means forest, or lousy sports team. You can email me at

2022 Film Diary Part 5

This continues a series of observations on films I’ve seen this year. For this section, I also wanted to cover a few movements: B-Films/ Exploitation Films/ Video Nasties/ whatever you want to call it, and German Silent Expressionism, so a … Continue reading

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2022 Film Diary Part 4

This is a continuation on notes on movies I’ve seen this year. For this series, I tried to watch films from several film movements including the Scandinavian Revival, and Pre-Code Hollywood. Movie #73/ New Movie #51: Top Gun (DVD)This was … Continue reading

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The Rule Behind the Rule

One of the best concepts I’ve heard for understanding people is the rule behind the rule. It was summed up pretty well on a Reddit thread. A great example of this was a story I heard from Brad Bird when he … Continue reading

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MCU Phase 5 And Beyond

There was an argument on a comic book message board about whether the Marvel Cinematic Universe should be rebooted, and I thought that was way too premature. The X-Men and the Fantastic Four haven’t really been introduced yet. Spider-Man’s still … Continue reading

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Film Seen In 2022 Part 3

Reviews of movies I’ve seen this year especially by Lubitsch, Sam Raimi, and featuring the multiverse. Continue reading

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One Reason The Last Decade Has Been So Uniquely Stupid

Jonathan Haidt had a piece on the Alantic on social media’s effects on culture called “Why the Past Ten Years of American Life Have Been So Uniquely Stupid.” It got a lot of attention, although one portion of it is … Continue reading

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Should Political Parties Support Independents?

On a discussion forum, there was an argument about British politics and the strength of the Scottish Nationalist Party, which led to questions of whether something like that could work in America. The United States sometimes has a history of … Continue reading

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I Think I Need To Watch Letterkenny

The Youtube algorithm recommended this scene from the sitcom Letterkenny in which a Women’s Studies Professor has the attention of rural Canadian men. The Youtube algorithm was certainly correct in the assumption that I would enjoy this.

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Nancy Pelosi Did A Bad Thing

There’s something Nancy Pelosi did recently that makes me wonder why no one is calling for her to be fired. It has also gotten very little attention. This was in a San Francisco Chronicle piece about concerns of Dianne Feinstein’s … Continue reading

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Films Seen in 2022 Part 2

I’m still keeping track of movies I’ve seen. This year I’ve gotten involved into some annual film challenges. One is to watch 52 particular Criterion movies, and the other is to watch four movies each from multiple movements. For this … Continue reading

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