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Estonia VS Paul Krugman Part 2

Yesterday, Estonian President Toomas Hendrik Ilves got into a twitter war with Paul Krugman. I included as many relevant links as I could find, to preserve it all for posterity’s sake, and for less-savvy relatives and Estonian-American family friends. Now there’s … Continue reading

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Why do so few Governors become Senators?

One surprising detail in the resumes of sitting Senators is that there are only ten former Governors in the club. A Governor is one of the most prominent politicians in a state, and usually term-limited (by either law or tradition) … Continue reading

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Are Presidential Candidates from Large States at an advantage?

President Obama has a few historical advantages on his side in the upcoming presidential election. Very few incumbent Presidents have lost their bids for reelection. And it’s an even rarer for an incumbent President to lose after his party has … Continue reading

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My Congressman is running for Senate

On Tuesday, Bob Turner announced that he’s running for Senate, following the dissolution of his congressional district. I volunteered for him when he sought the office in the special election, and have no objection to his current plans. Turner may be … Continue reading

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