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Repetition and Reader Turnover

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers the effects of reader turnout on the Comics Industry, especially in relation to the Illusion of Change, using comments by Peter David in a Spider-Man Crawlspace podcast as a starting point. Continue reading

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Round-Up June 28 2013

This website has a lot of Star Trek screenshots. John Byrne got inspired to try his hand at photonovels to see if he could construct a “missing” episode. And this resulted in a new project from IDW. 25 bike cops doing … Continue reading

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X-Men 101: Introduction To Mutants

This was an interesting twist on superheroes, exploring what happened when people got amazing powers at birth, and were thrust into a world that feared that hating them. Some became heroes, some became villains and a few just looked out … Continue reading

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Superman 103: The Epic Man of Steel

There are several longer Superman stories worth hunting down for someone who has come to like the character enough to read a 40+ issue arc. There are also a few notable creative runs worth reading in their entirety, as well … Continue reading

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Superman 102: Advanced Man of Steel

There are a few notable Superman stories that benefit from an existing familiarity with the characters. So, this is the stuff to check out when you’ve seen the Superman 101 list. I’m splitting this into two categories. The 102 list is … Continue reading

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Wizard’s 25 Greatest Comic Book Moments Circa 1998

Back in 1998, the now defunct Wizard magazine published their list of the 25 Greatest Comic Book Moments. It was fantastic. This list includes spoilers for Green Lantern: Emerald Twilight, Wolfman/ Perez’s Teen Titans, Crisis of Infinite Earths, Daredevil: Born … Continue reading

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Superman 101: Introduction to the Man of Steel

Today is considered the 75th anniversary of the publication of Action Comics #1, with the first appearance of Superman (and Lois Lane.) That new Man of Steel trailer looks rather impressive. So there’s likely to be a high amount of interest … Continue reading

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