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More Problems With repealing the 17th Amendment

A while back I wrote about some of the problems with any plan to repeal the Direct Election of Senators. There are a few other problems with the approach. It brings the flaws of the electoral college system to another … Continue reading

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What Would Lincoln Do?

This was a fascinating anecdote about the legend of Abraham Lincoln two generations after his death, as told by Tolstoy. Once while traveling in the Caucasus I happened to be the guest of a Caucasian chief of the Circassians, who, … Continue reading

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RINOs and the origin of the Republican Party

Writing for Time Magazine, Television Producer Rob Long ponders a purge of RINOs (Republicans in Name Only) should be purged from the Republican party. The RINO is behind all those awful bills with the word comprehensive in their titles. The … Continue reading

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Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians

I’m interested in politics and live in a borough with an awesome library system, As a result, I’ve read a high amount of books about government, campaigns and office-holders. One of the best has been Robert W. Merry’s Where They … Continue reading

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Can politicians learn from Lincoln?

A common theme of Sunday Morning political talk shows over the last few months was what what politicians could learn from Lincoln, the film and the man. This can be expected to continue during the awards season, and for a … Continue reading

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Six Potential Sequels to Lincoln

I really enjoyed Spielberg’s Lincoln. And it seems that I’m not the only one. The movie will probably net Daniel Day Lewis a third Academy Award. And it’s certainly profitable. So it wouldn’t surprise me if the studio is thinking … Continue reading

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Lincoln and my local movie theaters

There are four movie theaters walking distance from my house and one another. UA Midway on Queens Boulevard with eight screens. It’s usually the one that plays the most popular films. UA Brandon Cinemas has just two screens, usually with … Continue reading

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The Next Potential Super-franchises

The Avengers is a massive record-breaking hit. As a result. we’re very likely to see more super-franchises in film, which combine separate series into a linked interconnected universe. So here are a few that come to mind. Justice League of … Continue reading

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