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What Marvel’s Missing

  With C.B. Cebulski replacing Alex Alonso as the new Marvel Editor-in-Chief, it’s worth looking at the steps the company can take to regain their mojo. Some of Marvel’s franchises aren’t doing too well (The Avengers and X-Men, the books … Continue reading

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Wizard’s Best Comic Book Creators Circa 2000

I’ve posted a few things from Wizard #105, where they went with a lot of rankings (characters, comic book stories, etc.) They also had a top ten creators (technically, a top 13 since it included three pairings.) I wouldn’t call … Continue reading

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First Weekend of August Round-Up

Jack Kirby’s Argo art sold better than expected. The cover for Dark Knight Returns #2 went for over half a million dollars. The original art market interests me, just because I think it’s really going to explode in the future. The most interesting man … Continue reading

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Captain America 101

Captain America may just be Marvel’s Superman, the one iconic hero every superhero universe has a copy of. He’s also the most successful of the Golden Age Marvel heroes, although since Jack Kirby was one of his cocreators, the character … Continue reading

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The Journey, The Destination and The Revolving Door

As part of the Infinite Spider-Man series, Thomas Mets considers whether the journety is more important than the destination. Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 7: The First Adventures

This probably also ties into my Stan Lee VS the Patchwork Universe explanation, but a major difference between Marvel and DC is how they reconcile the departures from the first storylines of the major franchises to the current comics. With … Continue reading

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