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Ginger British Atheist Weird Al

I became aware of Tim Minchin this weekend, thanks to a spotlight on the musician-comedian in The New Yorker podcast. Presumably, there is an article about him in The New Yorker as well. As a Weird Al fan, I am … Continue reading

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Review Scale

I can appreciate the concern that including grades in reviews of movies, films and comic books can be reductive, as some are just going to skip the commentary to see what score the work got. But it’s often useful. If … Continue reading

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Petraeus the movie

As new details about David Petraeus’s sex scandal have emerged, I’ve started to realize that at some point, this should result in an at least one good movie. It’s a crazy story. One of the most respected men in the … Continue reading

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Is Vertigo the best film ever?

Sight & Sound, the British film magazine, is known for the top ten list they assemble every ten years after polling the critics. There have been major changes over the decades, but from 1962-2002, the #1 film was always Citizen … Continue reading

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National Tragedies and Comedy

Dane Cook made a joke about the Aurora, Colorado shooting. And some people are upset. It’s currently on the front page of the Huffington Post and the Drudge Report. I’m not a fan of Dane Cook, nor do I agree … Continue reading

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This Should Happen More Often

Fred Van Lante and Ryan Dunlavey came up with an excellent way to promote their series Comic Book History of Comics. When the first issue sold out, they did a press release in comic book form. It’s not the first … Continue reading

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The Next Potential Super-franchises

The Avengers is a massive record-breaking hit. As a result. we’re very likely to see more super-franchises in film, which combine separate series into a linked interconnected universe. So here are a few that come to mind. Justice League of … Continue reading

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Perfection VS Brilliance

It seems to me that there are two ways of judging either a creative talent, or a work of art. You can focus on brilliance¬†(the creative heights) or you could scrutinize over whether it is perfect. If you focus on¬†perfection, … Continue reading

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