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Alan Moore 101

There’s an easy measure of the best talent in an art form. How do they dominate Best Of lists? Shigeru Miyamato’s name pops up a lot if you’re looking at a tally of the most acclaimed video games. Charles Dickens … Continue reading

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August 11 2013 Round-Up

Funny idea on Bleeding Cool: What if Fox’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen brought together characters from Fox TV shows? It’s not particularly clever to note the low chance of a shark attack, but there’s another way of looking at it: … Continue reading

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Round-Up July 09 2013 Edition

Tom Spurgeon looks at the background of Louis Glanzman, an interesting Golden Age comic artist, who went on to┬ábecome a respected illustrator. Goodreads looks at the most abandoned books. I’ve honestly been planning to read all five of the top … Continue reading

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