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When People Should Be Kicked Out of the Academy

Harvey Weinstein has been kicked out of the¬†Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, which is probably the right move. Now, there are calls to kick out some others, with references to Academy members Bill Cosby, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen … Continue reading

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Will Samuel L Jackson Ever Get An Oscar?

Mike Fleming of Deadline made an interesting claim a while back. He viewed Samuel L Jackson as one of the actors almost certain to get an Oscar at some point. There are three actors I consider to be inevitable Oscar … Continue reading

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What 21st Century Films Will Be Remembered Decades From Now?

One thing I’m interested in is how perceptions about works of art change, and how reputations can slowly rise. Let’s look at this with movies. Some films are immediately acknowledged as being among the best of the art form. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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Nate Parker VS Casey Affleck

Once upon a time, there was a lot of buzz for Actor/ Director Nate Parker as a potential Oscar winner, due to his lead performance in Birth of a Nation, a film about the Nat Turner rebellion. That film broke … Continue reading

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The End of Oscars So White

There were two Academy Awards in a row in which all twenty nominated performances were by white actors. The most recent had seven nominated performances by actors of color, two of whom ended up winning. Best Picture was won by … Continue reading

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Ten People With Surprising Oscars

I’m interested in the history of the Academy Awards, and every now and then I see some people have surprising backgrounds for Oscar winners. I’m trying to avoid the likes of F. Murray Abraham or Marlee Matlin, who are known … Continue reading

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Yesterday’s Films Sucked Too

A common argument is that cinema today is just awful, and that popular series now don’t hold a candle to the films of decades past. So, Twilight and the Transformers sequels (of which I’ve only seen Transformers 2, which was … Continue reading

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