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Films Seen In 2020 Part 4

This is a continuation of observations on films I’ve seen this year. I’m using a film challenge that I saw online for the month of June. Full disclosure: these were sometimes out of order. For the hell of it, I’m … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2019 Part 4: Best Of A Nation

In continuing the list of the films I’ve seen this year, I thought of adding a sub-challenge of at least five movies that are considered to be one of a country’s best, which led to other lists from nations with … Continue reading

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Batman 102: Introduction to the Dark Knight II

After the essentials, there are several notable mostly self-contained Batman tales well worth hunting down for anyone with an interest in the caped crusader. Son of the Demon An original graphic novel by Mike Barr and Jerry W. Bingham as … Continue reading

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Batman 101: Introduction to the Dark Knight

It’s probably easier to introduce Batman to a new reader than any other comic book character. There are three self-contained stories that are at the top of any “Best Of” list—among the five best comic books ever according to a … Continue reading

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Marvel VS DC Part 3: Criminals and Terrorists VS Supervillains

When “civilians” imagine how typical comic book villains act, they’ll generally think of DC bad guys. These are all the Batman enemies with built-in weaknesses (Riddler’s desire to leave clues, Two-Face’s reliance on his coins), the mad scientists who Superman … Continue reading

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The Problem with Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the Dark Knight Rises

In his first Batman movie, Tim Burton killed off the Joker. Christopher Nolan realized that this was a mistake, which is why the Joker survived in the Dark Knight. Then Heath Ledger died. I remember comic fans on message boards … Continue reading

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