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Films Seen In 2020 Part 1

As I’ve done in the last two years, I’m making notes on the movies I’ve seen this year. This section covers films I saw mostly before becoming a shut-in thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. I’m continuing the goal for the … Continue reading

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First Weekend of Summer Round-Up

James Gandolfini’s appearance on Sesame Street has got some play after his untimely death. Tom Carson of the Prospect contrasts James Gandolfini with other celebrity deaths.  There’s a distinction to be made between dying too young and dying too soon. … Continue reading

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How Superior Spider-Man is like a cover song

A potential argument against Marvel demoting Peter Parker to a supporting character is that a similar story could be done without the new protagonist taking the place of the most popular character. Doctor Octopus could become a hero in his own … Continue reading

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