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Should Moderates Leave the Republican Party?

Right now, there’s a discussion about whether decent people should leave the Republican party. I’m not sure the implications have been fully considered. Personally, I’m remaining a┬áRepublican in order to be able to vote for better candidates in future primaries. … Continue reading

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Could Slate Voting Result In More Diverse Nominees?

With questions about the most diverse Democratic presidential primary in history getting down to a bunch of white people who made the next debate, and concerns that the Academy Award nominations have been biased (an all-male Best Director slate; only … Continue reading

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July 30 2013 Politics Round-Up

The Chicago Tribune made a boo-boo. Mona Charen considers an alternative to the current Republican primary process. Jeffrey H. Anderson and Jay Cost believe so. Writing in the summer issue ofNational Affairs, they argue that the current primary system arose … Continue reading

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Presidential Contenders And Conventional Qualifications

In a piece about the political aspirations of Texas senator Ted Cruz,┬áJonathan Bernstein offered a shorthand way of measuring whether someone is a legitimate Presidential contender. There are really two tests for whether someone is a viable candidate for a … Continue reading

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African-American Democratic Presidential Candidates Post-Obama

Ben Smith of buzzfeed posits an interesting theory about presidential primaries with the linkbait headline “Why The Next President Will Probably Be Black Too.” But there are also strong reasons to believe that the Democratic nominee, at least, will be … Continue reading

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