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The Rule Behind the Rule

One of the best concepts I’ve heard for understanding┬ápeople is the rule behind the rule. It was summed up pretty well on a Reddit thread. A great example of this was a story I heard from Brad Bird when he … Continue reading

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What 21st Century Films Will Be Remembered Decades From Now?

One thing I’m interested in is how perceptions about works of art change, and how reputations can slowly rise. Let’s look at this with movies. Some films are immediately acknowledged as being among the best of the art form. Schindler’s … Continue reading

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Politics Round-Up July 11 2013

A Red 2 ad incorporates President Obama’s recent national security speech. The mayor of San Diego admits that he sexually harassed women, and swears to change. Charles Krauthammer defends the obstructionist GOP. A congressional staffer suspects that Republicans would benefit … Continue reading

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End of June Round-Up

Baldwin A reporter accused Alec Baldwin’s wife of tweeting at James Gandolfini’s funeral. Baldwin’s response is arguably homophobic. Andrew Sullivan is upset about it. I’m conflicted. Even the Mail says the reporter was wrong, so Baldwin has a right to … Continue reading

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Other Superhero Families

Comparison of Spider-Man, and his retconned marriage to Mary Jane, to The Incredibles, Image Comics and Dragonball/ DragonballZ. Continue reading

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