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Homer Phobia: Should Children Read The First Great Writer?

This was a piece I wrote for a class on the philosophical foundations of education on the question of whether students should read the work of dead white males like Homer, or more contemporary material. In The Literary 100: A … Continue reading

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David Foster Wallace on Negative Campaigns

I just read McCain’s Promise, a piece David Foster Wallace wrote for Rolling Stone in 2000 that turned out to be way too long for the magazine. He spends a three page paragraph noting the different opinions on negative campaigns. The … Continue reading

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Great Writing Advice from Gail Simone

On her tumblr, Gail Simone has some good advice for wannabe writers. It’s written for people who want to write comic books, but it can also apply to aspiring novelists, screenwriters, playwrights and authors of any medium. I thought I would … Continue reading

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Comic Books, Self-Publishing and the Vanity Press

Johanna Draper Carlson of Comics Worth Reading pondered why self-published comics are treated differently than self-published books. These sources rely on publishers to serve as a filter, believing them to have winnowed out lower-quality books, so that the big name … Continue reading

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