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Films Seen in 2020 Part 5

This is a continuation of observations on films I’ve seen this year. The sub-goals for this section are five films by Czech director Jiri Menzel, five films involving trains, five films from the Shudder streaming service (I ultimately went with … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

Lately, I’ve noticed the oldest posts on the ‘Read Later’ section at Feedly. These were often things I meant to read at some point, and never got around to, or that I figured I’d right about and didn’t. And they’re old … Continue reading

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Warren Ellis on Comics Writing and Reading

A while back, Warren Ellis gave some good advice on comics writing and reading in his newsletter Oribtal Operations. You learn to write from reading books, and living your life, and investigating the inside of your own head. Next, you … Continue reading

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Other Comic Books Read In July 2013

I read The Ultimates #1-13 on the Fourth of July. It’s still great, a bit like League of Extraordinary Gentleman as the government assembles a team of flawed iconic figures, with a clash of personalities. It might have been short … Continue reading

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July 29 2013 Round-Up

John Seavey praises Mark Gruenwald’s Quasar. ‘Quasar’ was the series he came up with to tell those stories, and I loved both ‘Quasar’ the series and Quasar the character. I loved the series because Gruenwald looked at the Marvel Universe, the … Continue reading

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Recommended June 13 2013

Apparently, Warner Brothers is planning to take it slow with the inevitable Justice League film, hoping for a Man of Steel sequel and the introductions to Wonder Woman and Aquaman first. This is probably the right tack to take. Hillary Clinton … Continue reading

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