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The Real Clear Websites As An Educational Tool

This was something I wrote a while back for a class on technology in education. I had to describe how teachers could use a particular web-based tool. I went with the realclear brand of websites. These are essentially news aggregators divided by … Continue reading

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Newspaper Endorsements

The New York Times has an outdated policy when it comes to endorsements. The various opinion writers are not allowed to explicitly endorse any candidate for office, although it’s pretty clear that Paul Krugman, Maureen Dowd and Charles Blow favor … Continue reading

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Gun Violence and Comic Strips

On the Foxtrot website, instead of Sunday’s strip, there’s an explanation of it is not available. Bill Amend suggests that the timing of the strip was unfortunate considering the shooting in Aurora. Today’s Broom Hilda was also problematic. The inability to … Continue reading

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