Interesting Lists


The following are interesting lists that I’ve found on the internet over the last few weeks. Part of the reason for the post is to make it easier to find this stuff later.

Paste Magazine gave a list of the 44 best political tv shows of all time. What’s surprising for something so specialized is that most of it is quite good. It also provides some interesting leads like the BBC mini-series State of Play, German Cold War espionage drama Deutschland 83, in addition to more reason to watch shows I’ve heard great things about like Parks and Recreation, Show Me A Hero, and The Thick of It. ranked the 25 best movie critics of all time, which provided a good lead for anyone looking for intelligent writing on film.

New York Magazine had a list of the 33 best movies over 3 hours long.

This was a companion to a list of the 53 best movies under 90 minutes long.

Scott Adams made a case for Donald Trump’s “talent stack,” suggesting he won the presidency not by being the best in the world at anything, but by being good enough at many things.


Vox ranked various meats in terms of versatility, taste and texture. This does provide inspiration to come some new dishes. I’m now more interested in cooking rabbit and duck. Poor Bugs and Daffy.

Because I obviously have too much free time, the Atlantic provided a Top 50 podcasts of 2016 list. Thinkprogress’s Best Culture Writing of 2016 is another likely timesuck.

In terms of stuff I liked in Middle School, had the top ten issues of Savage Dragon. They also had a bottom five Dragon Ball sagas. And a top five.

The Gay and Lesbian Entertainment Critics Association has provided a list of the top ten actresses of all time. There are two odd choices: Isabella Huppert, and Viola Davis, neither of whom have the body of film work of Audrey Hepburn, Judi Dench, Kate Winslet, Penelope Cruz or even Judy Garland (perhaps the group was wary of being stereotyped) ; five actresses who weren’t included. Both are getting Oscar buzz this year, and both add a form of diversity (Viola Davis  prevents it from being a list of white actresses; Huppert is the only actress whose primary work isn’t in English) so there may be other facets there.

Rolling Stone has a Top 50 Horror Movies for the 21st Century.


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