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Films Seen in 2020 Part 6

This is a continuation of observations on films I’ve seen this year. The sub-goals are 5 films with Michelle Williams, 5 films with Casey Affleck (I’ve been slacking with watching more recent work so picking these two seems like a … Continue reading

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Movies Watched in 2017 Part 6

I finished my personal goal of seeing ten movies each from ten decades. but I’m still keeping track of the films I watch. “New movie” just refers to something I hadn’t seen yet, so it could have come out in … Continue reading

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Interesting Lists

The following are interesting lists that I’ve found on the internet over the last few weeks. Part of the reason for the post is to make it easier to find this stuff later. Paste Magazine gave a list of the … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Futurist #3: More on Super-franchises

There’s much that can be done with super-franchises, when multiple film series are set within the same interconnected world. And I think we’re going to see film studios doing this.¬†They’ve yet to fully realize the possibilities that have been opened … Continue reading

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