More great comic book runs

All-Star Superman

The Comic Book Resources Top 100 list was an update of a 2008 list, which also included a total of 58 honorable mentions, as well as some material that didn’t make the later list.

I’ve read all of…

  • Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada’s Daredevil
  • Warren Ellis and Ben Templesmith’s Fell
  • Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldiers
  • Mark Millar’s Authority
  • Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum’s Uncanny X-Men
  • J. Michael Strazysnki’s Supreme Power
  • Mark Waid and Ron Garney’s Captain America
  • Dan Slott’s She-Hulk
  • J. Michael Strazysnki’s Amazing Spider-Man
  • Grant Morrison/Mark Waid/Greg Rucka/Geoff Johns’ 52
  • Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos’s Alias
  • Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips’s Sleeper
  • Christopher Priest’s Black Panther (although I have been meaning to reread this for some time)
  • Chris Claremont and Paul Smith’s Uncanny X-Men
  • Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Oeming’s Powers
  • Alan Moore and Kevin O.Neill’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Geoff Johns’s Flash
  • Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s All-Star Superman
  • Frank Miller and David Mazzuchelli’s Daredevil

Due to a difference in what qualifies as a comic book run, All-Star Superman and Miller/ Mazuchelli’s Daredevil were ineligible for the 2012 list. Both are among the best comic book stories ever.

Daredevil 230

I’ve read much of…

  • Jim Shooter’s Avengers
  • Alan Moore and Alan Davis’s Captain Britain
  • Ed Brubaker’s Catwoman
  • Matt Wagner and Stephen Seagle’s Sandman Mystery Theater
  • Garth Ennis’s Hellblazer
  • Roy Thomas’s Avengers
  • Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier’s Groo
  • Warren Ellis’s Stormwatch
  • Joe Casey’s WildCATs
  • Chris Claremont and Alan Davis’s Excalibur
  • Alan Moore’s Supreme
  • Mike Baron and Steve Rude’s Nexus


I’ve read some of…

  • John Ostrander’s Grimjack
  • David Lapham’s Stray Bullets
  • Keith Giffen and Robert Loren Fleming’s Ambush Bug
  • Chuck Dixon’s Nightwing
  • Gerry Conway’s Justice League of America
  • Anne Nocenti and John Romita Jr’s Daredevil
  • Mike and Laura Allred’s Madman
  • Roy Thomas’s Conan
  • Fabian Nicezia’s Thunderbolts
  • Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s Legion
  • Gail Simone’s Birds of Prey
  • Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg
  • Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan’s Tomb of Dracula
  • Scott Lobdell’s Generation X
  • Katsuhiro Ôtomo’s Akira
  • Roger Stern’s Doctor Strange
  • Sam Keith’s The Maxx
  • John Rogers’s Blue Beetle
  • Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo
  • Mike Grell’s Green Arrow
  • Chris Claremont and John Romita Jr’s Uncanny X-Men
  • Mark Greunwald’s Captain America
  • Mike Carey’s Lucifer
  • Paul Chadwick’s Concrete
  • Chris Claremont and Marc Silvestri’s Uncanny X-Men

Cap 332

I haven’t read…

  • Louise Simonson’s Power Pack
  • Jim Shooter’s Legion of Superheroes
  • Grant Morrison’s Zenith
  • Steve Gerber’s Defenders
  • Roy Thomas’a All-Star Squadron
  • Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson’s Swamp Thing
  • Peter Bagge’s Hate
  • William Lessner- Loeb’s Flash
  • Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar
  • Robert Kanigher and Joe Kubert’s Sgt. Rock
  • Mike Grell’s Sable
  • Steve Englehart’s Captain America
  • Peter David and Todd Nauck’s Young Justice
  • Doug Moench’s Master of Kung Fu
  • Matt Wagner’s Grendel
  • Peter Milligan’s Shade the Changing Man

So, now there are even more comics to track down.

It’s interesting to consider why certain titles fell out of favor. Anything that barely made the list could be replaced by later creative runs (Hickman’s Fantastic Four, Snyder’s Batman, etc.) Carey’s Lucifer had ended two years earlier while Casey’s Wildcats 3.0 had ended four years earlier, so both was fresher on the minds of voters. Powers and Nexus were coming out more regularly.

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