Round-Up August 18 2013 Edition

Indiewire has a lot of premature coverage of the 2014 Academy Awards as well as potential nominees. They’re pretty bullish on Martin Scorcese and Leonardo Dicaprio’s Wolf of Wall Street.

This downloadable playlist of old songs about drugs and prostitution is fantastic.

Fake movie posters for Troy McClure. And propoganda posters in the world of Super Mario.

Andrew Goletz of Grayhaven Comics won a cool distinction. I’m proud to know the guy.

This cooking chart is pretty nifty. Something to keep in mind if you need to get anyone a gift.


I added Bendis’s tumble to my Feedly at a good time. He sings the praises of Avengers Annual #10, and gives advice to new writers wondering whether Marvel will approach them if they’ve done something impressive in the Indie Comics world.

Now that I’m in the machine I know it’s because that the editors I most admire are working 12/14 hour days on getting the books out and they don’t really have time to discover someone like me when I’m ready for them to discover me.

 don’t sit around and wait for people to discover you. if you want someone to see your work send them your work. don’t be obnoxious about it but if you think you have something that they would like to see, show it off.

 and I can tell you that even after you have mainstream ‘success’ you still have to hustle.  people like us always have to make our own way in the world.

Bleeding Cool’s Brandon Thomas looks at why one of my favorite comic books: The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius #6, is so effective.

The Adventures of Barry Ween, Boy Genius is his true masterpiece though, and I wish comics could have more of it someday soon. Until then, we’ll just have to make do with what we do have—a wonderful twelve issue run of comics filled with irreverence, heart, and the emotional longing that comes from feeling different from everyone else around you. What begins as the (relatively) light-hearted adventures of a ten year old foul-mouthed inventor/genius slowly morphs into a heartfelt treatise on the power of friendship, and the inexorable weight of great responsibility. Nowhere is this more clear or compelling than in the final issue of the Monkey Tales mini, which we’re going to talk about today as another of my all-time favorites.

After a rough start, Spike Lee has made his kickstarter goal. Matt Singer of thedissolve considers his early mistakes, and how he corrected those.

SF Writer Michael Sanwick explains why he doesn’t like insulting other writers.

The Paris Review has an interview with the always entertaining Warren Ellis.

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